Sync Nuke Marley & Arcanine vs. 1500 Points Fire-weak Blue | Pokémon Masters EX (Kanto CS)


May 28, 2021

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Hilbert: 5* 5/5 0/20, Vigilance, 4* 5/5 0/20, Stoic 1, No gridBlaine: 4* 5/5 0/20, Critical Strike 2, No gridParameter: BackfireRemember Marley? Very forgettable unit. She enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame on co-op meta because her Trainer Move offers a potent status shield. She’s also tanky and has X Speed All. That’s literally it. She ranks with Marlon amongst the most useless sync pairs in the game.Fun fact: she has innate Inertia, and if Marlon can nuke, you bet your ass Marley can. More fun facts: she has about the same Attack as Blaine. He’s pathetically weak. Turns out the KO on Pinsir is a damage roll so I got luckier than I thought.This one is for all the Arcanine enthusiasts out there. DeNA did it so dirty in this game.The Eggmon Compendium: stream Pokémon Masters sometimes: