Dragalia Lost - Version Update & Chapter 19: Part 1 Reaction


April 23, 2021

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In this video, I discuss the latest version update coming to Dragalia Lost - 2.7 - and share my reaction to Part 1 of Chapter 19. I also talk about recent news in Dragalia Lost like the Halloween Fantasia rerun, the upcoming Rage of Chronos raid event, Trials of the Mighty, Tartarus Time Attack, and more.0:00 Introduction0:57 Halloween Fantasia2:32 Next Version Update7:05 Rage of Chronos Raid8:14 New Trials of the Mighty9:50 More Draconic Essences10:50 Chapter 19 Part 1 Reaction16:06 Tartarus Time Attack Challenges★ For co-op, alliances, and more, join our Dragalia Family discord! https://discord.gg/tpBUyWE★ Follow me on Twitter for even more Dragalia Lost! https://twitter.com/dragaliaf#dragalialost #nintendo #cygames