Spring Burgh and May Go Eggsploring | Pokémon Masters EX (Pasio Eggsplorers Full-Force UH)


April 2, 2021

Zinfogel ionicons-v5-e
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Spring Burgh: 5* 1/5 0/20, Critical Strike 2, https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=23&grid=AAECAwQFBgcJCgwTGhscHiAlJw==&o=474&p=Togepi&s=1Spring May: 5* 1/5 0/20, Critical Strike 1, https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=24&grid=AAECAwQFBgcICQoLERITFBweJSYo&o=462&p=Lopunny&s=1Summer Lyra: 5* 1/5 0/20, Critical Strike 2, No gridGot May on Tier 2 and Burgh on Tier 5. Gonna do dailies for 2/5 Burgh and probably candy him if I do get lucky. I’m fucking out of paid gems though uugh.Notice I rolled Fissure with Togepi? That wasn’t on absol’s list, but besides that everything he mined appears accurate.My opinions on Burgh and May remain the same as in the datamine video. They are very very solid, though do nothing revolutionary. If you’re pulling for anything I’d say Burgh is better value. Burgh and May compress roles so well you could fit anything on the third slot tbh. I just went with Summer Lyra because I never show her, but she synergizes well for Accuracy buffs and dual striking this particular Full-Force.The Eggmon Compendium: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kxM8KgAZjJzony2dkXxzswToB8jaZtVGoAP4WAmAN6M/I stream Pokémon Masters sometimes: https://www.twitch.tv/zinfogel