Dragalia Lost - Alberius & High Chthonius: Should You Summon?


April 2, 2021

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In this video, I review the latest Prize Showcase starring Alberius and High Chthonius, and try answer the question of whether or not you should summon. High Chthonius looks better than I originally expected since he isn’t affected by Curse of Nihility. Alberius seems very strong. The question is whether we have a need for powerful shadow adventurers at the moment. Right now, these can help with Kai Yan, but won’t be used for much else.4:05 Alberius13:50 High Cthonius★ For co-op, alliances, and more, join our Dragalia Family discord! https://discord.gg/tpBUyWE★ Follow me on Twitter for even more Dragalia Lost! https://twitter.com/dragaliaf#dragalialost #nintendo #cygames