2/5 Siebold & Octillery's Scrumptious Turtle Soup vs. Hall 30 Darach | Pokémon Masters EX (BV S18)


January 1, 2021

Zinfogel ionicons-v5-e
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SS Blue: 5* 3/5 0/20, Vigilance, https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=0&grid=AAECAwQFExQWGhweJikrLDM1&o=750&p=Blastoise_New&s=5Holiday Siebold: 5* 2/5 0/20, Power Flux 2, https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=3&grid=AQMFBhQVFhcbHR4fIyUnKg==&o=699&p=Octillery&s=2Flannery: 4* 3/5 0/20, Troublemaker 1, https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=1&grid=AAEDBAYHCAkLDRESFR0jJScqKw==&o=728&p=Torkoal&s=5Someone requested this guy before his grid was leaked, just to give you an idea on how long it takes for something to get through my queue.I pulled 1/5 Siebold back on 2019 and he was very disappointing for co-op meta. Octillery’s kit is disruption based: 50% chance to drop Accuracy with Octazooka and 51% chance to burn with HE1 Scald. 555/195/195 bulk is somewhat tanky and Siebold buffs both defenses which is really nice… until you realize the lack of recovery. The grid doesn’t even give him a measly Hit and Heal! Given his Speed and bar costs it’s difficult to spam moves with Octillery too.Offensively 238 Sp.Atk with an 87 BP 3-bar move is downright… how do I put it? Pathetic? When I wanted to feature Octillery before we didn’t have SS Blue, Type Skills or a grid to fix him as a unit so he severely struggled with dealing damage.Octillery’s jump to glory came overnight solely because of Rising Tide. Rising Tide is Lyra’s sync boost where the more buffs you have the better the BP. Under Rain and if the target is Burned Siebold can erase anything, even Legendary Arena bosses. However Rising Tide is locked behind 3/5. I do plan to candy Octillery first thing once I can exchange my Tech Candy coins. Until then I’m kinda stuck with 2/5 Octillery which isn’t that big of an upgrade.I have another Rain showcase planned so I just wanted to show Octillery performing without that multiplier. Flannery is here to apply Burn to activate Burn Synergy 3 for Siebold while SS Blue fixes his horrid gauge.Something I did often that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye is that I used the Burn animation for gauge: there were spots where I might have missed queuing an action but because I waited for Burn damage it gave me that extra push I was looking for.Octillery did fine, but the lack of Rising Tide or Rain leaves a lot to be desired.I stream Pokémon Masters sometimes: https://www.twitch.tv/zinfogel