3/5 Jasmine & Steelix Gyro Ball Build vs. Hall 30 Darach | Pokémon Masters EX (Battle Villa S18)


December 30, 2020

Zinfogel ionicons-v5-e
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SS Blue: 5* 3/5 0/20, Vigilance, https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=0&grid=AAECAwQFExQWGhweJikrLDM1&o=750&p=Blastoise_New&s=5Jasmine: 5* 4/5 0/20, Surging Sand 3, https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=1&grid=AAEDBAYICw0PERQXGhscHR8gIg==&o=728&p=Steelix&s=5Acerola: 5* 2/5 0/20, Critical Strike 2, https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=0&grid=AQMEERITFBUXIyQmKCkq&o=735&p=Palossand&s=2So it’s no secret Jasmine is one of my favorite units and I always wanted to try Gyro Ball Surging Sand 9. That is a CHUNKY multiplier and Jasmine can provide the same dual Tough Cookie augmentations she normally gives to Iron Tail to it. I managed to get a lucky Surging Sand 3 roll so it’s the ideal time to try out this build.This is not the first time I’ve shown Gyro Ball Jasmine in action; I’ve used this build against Regirock albeit less focused on Jasmine. Gyro Ball has an innate perk where if the enemy has a Speed buff it doubles in power. Darach’s hall happens to have two X Speed All users with Salazzle and Houndoom so there’s no better BV hall to try this out.Acerola is a mandatory partner for Sand Jasmine. Her skill at flinching is also crucial to force Salazzle and Houndoom to use X Speed All. If they queue an attack and Acerola successfully flinches they requeue X Speed All instead.With Gyro Ball set-up out of the way I brought SS Blue to round up the team. I probably could’ve accomplished something with Lyra but Hall 30 Darach is brutal. Very few units can tank Charizard’s Overheat and live to tell the tale so I necessitated bigger guns to make up the RNG involved with X Speed All + Sandstorm MPR. SS Blue also maxes Tough Cookie for Jasmine so I don’t have to grid X Defense All MPR and sacrifice precious Gyro Ball BP.The showcase doesn’t really start until we reach the final row and Darach makes the mistake of using X Speed All while Sandstorm is active. But that is the thing: Gyro Ball is incredibly conditional and difficult to set-up, only to have comparable damage to Iron Tail builds. It’s fun but I certainly wouldn’t use this seriously because it’s very, very inconsistent and it forces Acerola on the lineup.I stream Pokémon Masters sometimes: https://www.twitch.tv/zinfogel