Janine & Ariados Team Comp vs. Hall 29 Lyra | Pokémon Masters EX (Battle Villa S17)


November 27, 2020

Zinfogel ionicons-v5-e
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James: 5* 1/5 0/20, Vigilance, No gridJanine: 4* 5/5 0/20, Critical Strike 1, No gridLiza: 4* 5/5 0/20, Critical Strike 2, No gridType Skills: James (Poison Tech Lv.4), Janine (Poison Tech Lv.4)This is one I’ve been itching to do for a while. Hall 29 Lyra is probably the toughest sub-boss on BV and, seeing people often struggle with Lyra, I focus on developing strategies for her.Today is Janine’s turn. Contrary to popular belief I do think she’s competent despite I often feature Tech Nidoqueen instead. Janine and Tech Nidoqueen have nearly identical kits with one crucial difference: Tech Nidoqueen has Poison Sting. Poison Sting with Hostile Environment 1 has a 51% chance of poisoning while Janine STRUGGLES to proc Poison. Janine often busies herself spamming Cross Poison because she just cannot land a status for her life. Besides that Janine is strictly better: better bulk, damage, Trainer Moves, sync multiplier, but the fact she needs help Poisoning means she demands Support instead of providing it.Venom Drench itself is a really potent debuff. It lowers Attack, Sp.Attack and Speed by one stage when the target is poisoned but it’s AoE, so you can globally nerf the enemy team while stacking sync buffs. My general strategy is leaving nerfed enemies around until I get hit by a very weak sync, then manhandle the demonic Meganium as best I can.I learned the hard way Mad Strength 2 doesn’t proc with Venom Drench because I didn’t read the description before handing out my Lucky Cookies. I was hoping Janine could buff the only stat she is missing for role compression but no dice. Ultimately, she needs Attack buffs. Hilbert is a perfect partner for Janine because she is one of the rare units who buffs Crit but not Attack. Evidently, however, I brought Liza instead.I mostly wanted the chance to show a team of three low tier gachas taking on the Great Wall of Lyra and they synergize perfectly. James tanks and applies Poison for Janine, while Janine makes the enemies much more manageable for James. Liza buffs everyone’s offense and Sp.Def to handle Lyra a little better. Offensive omnibuffing is particularly great for James because Conkeldurr takes effort to kneel over even by striking its weaker Sp.Def and the Attack buffs boosted Last Word too. Venom Drench prevents Lyra from massacring the party because she does have her innate sync multiplier here (Rising Tide: the more buffs the higher BP) and the debuffs neutralize her.Cut it a little close at the end but I just wanted to move on to Hall 30 to record other strategies.I stream Pokémon Masters sometimes: https://www.twitch.tv/zinfogel