The Phantom Force (Morty + Mimirola) vs. Hall 15 Noland | Pokémon Masters EX (Battle Villa S17)


November 25, 2020

Zinfogel ionicons-v5-e
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Morty: 5* 1/5 0/20, Stoic 2, 5* 1/5 0/20, Defense Crush 2, 4* 1/5 0/20, Fast-Track 1, Tech Egg (Affinity 3/3 20/20)Type Skills: Morty (Ghost Strike Lv.4), Mimirola (Ghost Tech Lv.1)Very overdue but here it is: the Mimirola showcase.When Mimirola was datamined I was… harsh about her, to say the least. I normally judge units by their 1/5 base kit and anything on their grid is cherry on top. Mimirola is just severely handicapped by her 237 base Attack. It’s functional, certainly, but she will not sustain DPS on the long term without her 3/5 toys or help from an additional striker.Mimirola’s function is assisting DPS, the more I think about it. All her moves are very spammy, she has self-sufficient buffs and can debuff or disrupt the opposition to help a Striker or Tank respectively. That role she executes with flying colors especially with Stop Hitting Yourself 5 but I’ll probably never get to see that (my first Tech Candy is immediately going to my 2/5 Xmas Siebold). Much like Nate, as long as you don’t insist on using Mimirola as primary offense she does good chip and delivers strong nukes to compliment your offense.In this showcase I did exactly what I’m telling you not to do and used Mimirola as the focus of my team. For this I brought Tech Alakazam: he can apply Confusion and gives Regeneration to Mimirola for much needed sustain. Aggravation 2 Zen Headbutt was also crucial to stop any deadly attacks I may be unable to denial or dodge with Phantom Force. Speaking of dodging, I also wanted to tank with Mimirola to show how effective Phantom Force is at preventing damage.I’ve never shown Morty before (mostly because I pulled him on anni which became irrelevant on his life cycle) but I figured dual Phantom Force would be fun to use. After Gears and Type Skills Mimirola’s damage becomes respectable and Morty picks off any leftovers. Remember: Mimirola always wants help from an additional striker.I think the result is entertaining. I did farm for RNG in this fight, specifically Mimirola MPR + Reuniclus first turn attack + Flinch. By grinding for this scenario I got a couple extra turns to properly set-up Morty and Acerola for perfect crits because I found they rushed into denialing without fully buffing.A big challenge in this fight was learning Phantom Force timing. Phantom Force is stupid strong but difficult to use right because you have to set-up your target one turn ahead of time. This is further aggravated by Phantom Force launching on its own which makes turn manipulation tricky, unlike manually launching Avalanche for example.I definitely wouldn’t recommend this team comp for normal battles, ESPECIALLY with Mimirola tanking, but honestly I’m shocked at how well Mimikyu did. Morty + Acerola is strong, but you probably want a proper tank like Dawn or whomever. Gauge is not an issue when you have so many quick moves.I stream Pokémon Masters sometimes: