Langrisser M - The Way to Build Tsubame & Florentia


November 22, 2020

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Battle Examples at: Clocks is likely her overall best enchant to get maximum benefit from her 3C.Florentia is a DPS/Healer hybrid similar to Licorice, but she can also casts “Act Again” on allies. It is worth noting that at 6*, even without a FB, she has 6-7 “Battle Strategies” due to her 3C, making her quite viable anyways.0:00 Tsubame Coverage4:04 Florentia Overview7:08 Talent8:54 Bond Requirements, Max Stats, and Soldier Boost10:36 Heart Bond11:20 Skills Part 115:00 Skills Part 216:28 Upgrade Materials16:44 Soldiers18:08 Equipment & Enchants23:05 Class Mastery EnchantsFor More Character Build Videos, Check the Playlist: