NO DUPES! INT SSJ4 GOGETA SHOWCASE [55%] Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


October 29, 2020

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle:NO DUPES! INT SUPER SAIYAN 4 GOGETA SHOWCASE [55% POTENTIAL SYSTEM WITH LEVEL 10 LINKS]Super INT Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta Powerful Peerless Power超サイヤ人4 ゴジータ 強大無比の超パワーLeader Skill: “Great Ape Power” Category Ki +3, HP, ATK, DEF +170% or “Shadow Dragon Saga” Category Ki +3, HP, ATK, DEF +150%Super Attack: Big Bang Kamehameha - Greatly raises ATK & DEF for 1 turn and causes immense damagePassive Skill: Shadow Dragon Crushing Power - ATK & DEF +200%; gain an additional Ki +4 and ATK & DEF +40% and attacks effective against all types for 8 turns from first appearance; high chance of attacks effective against all types starting from the 9th turn from first appearance; high chance of evading enemy’s Super Attack and countering with tremendous powerActive Skill: Plus Energy Emission. Conditions: Able to be used after receiving 4 or more attacks (once only). Ability: All enemies ATK & DEF -40% and own ATK & DEF +40%Link Skill: Super Saiyan, Kamehameha, Shocking Speed, Over in a Flash, GT, Fused Fighter, Fierce BattleCategories: Great Ape Power, Fusion, Shadow Dragon Saga, Kamehameha, Final Trump Card💡 Recommended Videos 💡⭐️ 100% INT SSJ4 GOGETA SHOWCASE [LEVEL 10 LINKS]➥⭐️ NEW GIANT APE POWER CATEGORY TEAM SHOWCASE➥⭐️ 100% NEW PHY NUOVA SHENRON SHOWCASE [LEVEL 10 LINKS]➥⭐️ 100% F2P INT GT VEGETA GREAT APE SHOWCASE [LEVEL 10 LINKS]➥⭐️ INT SSJ4 GOGETA DOKKAN FESTIVAL BANNER SUMMONS➥⭐️ NEW INFINITE DRAGON BALL HISTORY STAGE 11 [SHADOW DRAGONS]➥⭐️ NEW INT SSJ4 GOGETA SUPER2 BOSS BATTLE➥🔊 INT Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta OST (Extended)➥ sure to leave a like and subscribe for more!🔔 Subscribe on Youtube:🐦 Twitter:🎭 Facebook:✖ Dokkan Battle Playlists ✖➥ News, Previews, Leaks:➥ Showcases:➥ Summons:➥ Events:➥ Super Battle Road:➥ Dokkan Battle OST: #dokkanbattle #dragonballz