Pokémon Masters EX - Gauge Battery Furbert + 3/5 Wally vs. Hall 30 Sawyer (Battle Villa S16)


October 24, 2020

Zinfogel ionicons-v5-e
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Brycen: 4* 5/5 0/20, No lucky skill, No gridFurbert: 5* 1/5 0/20, Critical Strike 2, https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=13&grid=AwUGCAkKCxESExYlJg==&o=574&p=Mightyena&s=1Wally: 5* 4/5 0/20, Critical Strike 2, https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=0&grid=AAEDBgcICg0ODxAfICEk&o=735&p=Gallade&s=5Soooo we all know about Furbert’s offensive prowess but something that deserves more attention is Spur On 4. This passive generates 4 bars of gauge whenever a KO occurs, and quite frankly is more gauge than Furbert ever needs or can hope to use. What if we used 100% of the brain- pardon, 100% of the gauge?I wanna start a mini series where Furbert dual strikes with someone else to clean Hall 30 before 1st sync. Furbert’s offense is brutal and his capacity to generate gauge cannot be underestimated.For this showcase I paired Furbert with Wally, both extremely self-sufficient strikers in their own right. Wally cleanly sweeps the back row and does the damage Furbert wants to keep a constant chain of Spur Ons going. My Wally grid isn’t perfectly optimal because I could’ve forgone Focus Blast +10 Acc but this is the grid I use for my daily Noland co-op runs and there was no need to nitpick for this.This party is so well put together offensively I could have a Lv.1 eggmon as my third slot and it’d make little difference. Regardless, I saw a chance for Brycen to fool around by removing Chandelure’s Evasion buffs which I absolutely despise with every fiber of my being. Brycen did some rudimentary tanking and I figured Endure could come in handy to deal with the very few attacks that get by.The result is a massacre. No need to tank when you can kill the enemy before they hit you.I stream Pokémon Masters sometimes: https://www.twitch.tv/zinfogel