Langrisser M - Timeless Trial, SSSS Final Trial, Origins of Light - Week of 2020-10-19 to 2020-10-25


October 24, 2020

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Party: 5* Listell, 6* Lana, 6* Bozel, 6* Luna, 6* LianaUsed the same characters as the last time I cleared this, but AI skill usage was very different (and I also acted differently, having Liana Act again Listell rather than summon on turn 1). In this clear, Bozel actually died on turn 1! For past attempt, See: major improvement can be made: Swap Luna & Bozel positions, then have Luna bring Wind Pressure & Move Again instead of Raging thunder. That way, she can attack Liffany, move back 1 tile, and wind pressure will hit Luna, Jugler & Pierre!For More Timeless Trial Videos, Check the Playlist: