King of Fighters COMING TO GLOBAL NEXT WEEK - 55 FREE SUMMONS?! - Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross


October 22, 2020

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King of Fighters Collab is COMING TO GLOBAL NEXT WEEK!!! This collab is spicy af with tons of free summons, rewards and final boss Omega, but if they add in a seperate Green Gowther Banner we about to riot. Hopefully we get even more free summons on Global or a free Green Gowther, we pray!!For more endgame Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross content, news, livestreams & more be sure to subscribe to the channel!Want to help support the channel? PayPal Tip Jar:▼ Seatinmanoflegends LinksTwitter: @Seatinmol▼ Business Enquiries ONLYEmail: [email protected]