Dragalia Lost - Spooky Gala Remix: Should You Summon?


October 17, 2020

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The latest Gala Remix features brand-new limited-time adventurers Halloween Melsa and Halloween Akasha, not to mention past Halloween units, among which the five-star ones are sparkable. On top of limited units, we’ve also got both Gala Alex and Gala Cat Sith at a rate up on this showcase. It’s only here for a few days, but I’m strongly considering going deep on this one!

Read the details on this banner on the Dragalia Lost Wiki:https://dragalialost.gamepedia.com/Gala_Dragalia_Remix_(Oct_2020)

Here’s a helpful Reddit post about the chance of getting off-focus Halloween Lowen:https://old.reddit.com/r/DragaliaLost/comments/jc5mh0/psa_probability_for_chasing_hlowen_in_nonfeatured/

0:00 Should You Summon?6:35 Halloween Melsa16:05 Halloween Akasha27:25 Gala Alex & Cat Sith

Early in the video I was vamping a bit when talking about Gala Cat Sith and wrongly said it was good she was the only on-focus dragon. In reality it wouldn’t really make a difference; if another dragon were present it’d draw from the off-focus dragon percentage, not take away from Cat’s percentage.

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