Dragalia Lost - Expert Kai Yan: Reliable Gold Fafnir Auto


October 16, 2020

Dragalia Foundry ionicons-v5-e
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This video shows gameplay only. Many of the Agito Uprising battles can be full-autoed on expert difficulty as of version 2.0. This is the team I use for Kai Yan. With a Gold Fafnir auto, you have to be prepared to survive for a longer duration fight, at least for the time being, since unlike in the high dragon trials, there’s no bane ability you can unlock against the Agito. With that in mind, I run Grace as well as the axe and lance co-abilities. Patia and Grace are core to easily autoing this battle. Most players wouldn’t run Patia in the lead slot, but I like to have a melee paralysis res, so she was the best fit for my comp. Erik and Nefaria provided redundancy with extra dispel, but Grace is the main key here. I’ve tried this with Cleo and it’s generally not as reliable. Cleo spams her force strike rather than holding it to dispel at key times. An unconditional dispel and life shields from Grace are a major help. If the fight is long until the second crushing cataclysm, Patia sometimes dies, but the run still clears.0:00 Builds1:30 Battle★ For co-op, alliances, and more, join our Dragalia Family discord! https://discord.gg/tpBUyWE★ Follow me on Twitter for even more Dragalia Lost! https://twitter.com/dragaliaf#dragalialost #nintendo #cygames