September 22, 2020

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PLEASE, LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE! =3Comment CHA-CHING! if you had a hard time with Sheba’s fight![ E X P A N D H E R E ]So! For Clairvoyance EX September, I asked you guys to get to 1000 Likes and if you did, we’d make a FGO NA Challenge Quest guide. Well, you did! So here it is! Tristan and I go over each challenge quest and talk about whats the best way to beat it! Mind you, we’re NEW to this! So hopefully, you learn along the way with us! Without further delay, let’s jump into Battle In New York 2020, Exhibition Quest ( Challenge Quest ) Guide!TIMESTAMPS:00:00 Intro00:44 1.) Touta03:13 2.) Leonidas05:41 3.) Okada Izou07:48 4.) Jaguar Warrior (Oh no …)16:06 5.) Queen of Sheba (… this is a long one)26:55 6.) MHX Alter (Musaki’s Favorite!)29:45 7.) THE FINALE! (Memes ahead)Original Twitch VOD:► Special thanks to our Patrons, Channel Members, and Twitch Subscribers=== — SOCIAL MEDIA — ===► Join us on our Discord Server:► Follow us on Twitter:► Become a patron on our Patreon! -► Check out our Merch Store -► Like us on Facebook:► Art by:► Intro made by: #GILFEST2020