BEST and WORST Pirate Rumble (PVP) Units | Tier List | One Piece Treasure Cruise | ワンピース (トレクル)


September 22, 2020

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Second Channel: Japanese itunes codes here! 3000 Yen: 5000 Yen: 10,000 Yen: social media links:Twitter: AtsurozTimestamps00:00:00 Introduction00:01:14 Basics of PVP Investments00:07:14 A preview of all the infographics00:12:15 PVP Worst Units00:28:30 PVP Best Units01:12:15 Global BEST teams01:18:30 Global Day 1 / Level 1 Teams01:24:20 Japan BEST teams01:29:40 OutroOPTC Reddit: https://xn– #OPTC #トレクル