Green Derieri Triple Ult Drain Team! - Controlling Lostvayne Teams! - Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross


September 19, 2020

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Today we’re testing out Green Derieri on a Triple Ult Drain Team to try and control this insane wave of Lostvayne Meliodas Ult Rush Teams!! Combined with Lilia and Red Escanor this team gives us three Ult Drain cards and Green Deri’s passive which prevents the opponent moving cards to Ult Rush!For more endgame Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross content, news, livestreams & more be sure to subscribe to the channel!Want to help support the channel? PayPal Tip Jar:▼ Seatinmanoflegends LinksTwitter: @Seatinmol▼ Business Enquiries ONLYEmail: [email protected]