Seatin's 6 Month Whale Account Tour - $23,000 Spent - 3 Million+ CC - Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross


September 12, 2020

100000 subscribers
It’s time for the magical 6 month account tour, where I shamefully confess to spending $23,000 on a mobile video game, BUT LOOK AT MIKASA AND HER UR GEAR PEWPEWPEWPEW - On the real tho, mad love for all the support, thanks for watching my videos and enabling me to Whale out!! =)For more endgame Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Global content, news, livestreams & more be sure to subscribe to the channel!Want to help support the channel? PayPal Tip Jar:▼ Seatinmanoflegends LinksTwitter: @Seatinmol▼ Business Enquiries ONLYEmail: [email protected]